In order to strenghten the cooperation with the academic and expert community and to offer better services and solutions for the society, we established an advisory board/council that unifies great knowledge and experience from experts from different spheres and countries.

Prof. Ingrid Shikova, PhD is founder of the European Studies Department at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She is an expert in the area of EU policies. Prof. Shikova has devoted her entire professional career to European integration. She has specialized at the College of Europe in Bruges, the University of Limerick, Ireland, the Netherlands Economic Institute in Rotterdam, the Institute of World Economy in Kiel, Germany, the Royal Institute of International Relations in London, etc. Prof. Shikova has been Director of the Centre for European Studies as well as Director of the Information Centre of the Delegation of the European Commission and adviser to the European Commission Representation. She is  member of the Academic Council of the International Centre for European Training in Nice – France.   Prof. Shikova was decorated for her contribution to the development of European studies in Bulgaria with the highest distinction of the University – honorary sign with a blue ribbon. At present she is Head of “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence” at the European Studies Department of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
Kaloyan Simeonov is Associate Professor on EU affairs and Head of the European Studies Department at the Sofia University in Bulgaria. He is also a lecturer at the Diplomatic Institute in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria with previous teaching experience in the European Institute of Public Administration, the Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration, the Centre for European Programmes to the American University in Bulgaria and other universities and centers. Mr. Simeonov holds a PhD, Dr. Habil in political sciences and PhD in Economics as well as master degrees in European Studies and International Economic Relations. He has more than 21 years of practical experience in the EU affairs in the Bulgarian administration. Mr. Simeonov has more than 90 publications in different fields of the EU affairs, including seven books as author and one manual for students as co-author. He has also experience in EU funded projects and programmes in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, the northern part of Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Algeria and others.
Jens Ringsmose is Dean at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, University of Southern Denmark. He is professor II, Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy, Trondheim, Norway.
Previous professional experience: 2019 – Dean, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, University of Southern Denmark; 2016 – Professor II, Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy, Trondheim, Norway; 2016-2019 Director, Institute for Military Operations and Vice-Dean, Royal Danish Defence College; 2014-2016 Head of Department, Department of Political Science and Public Management, University of Southern Denmark; 2012-2014 Deputy Head, Center for War Studies, University of Southern Denmark;  2011-2016 Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Management, University of Southern Denmark.
Marija Boban is associate professor, Head of the Department of Economic-Financial and Information Science and Statistics of the Faculty of Law University of Split teaching Informatics in Law, Intellectual Property and Information Security, E-business, Computer crimes Courses and New Technologies, Information Security and Intellectual Property Systems and National Security Systems at the University of Split’s Department of Forensic Sciences. Expert for information security ang GDPR with  PhD in the field of Security and Data Protection from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University in Zagreb. She has over 90 scientific papers, of which the large number is in the field of information security, access to information and personal data protection, and she is also author and co-author of 6 university textbooks. She has participated at numerous international conferences as an invited lecturer with published scientific and professional papers. Has experience as a technical editor and member of the esteemed scientific journals and she is a member of the Croatian Society for Operations Research, Croatian Association of Quality Managers and Association of Lawyers in the Economy.