Established in 2018, the Institute for Social Research MK91 is an independent, nonprofit think-tank focused on academic research, policy analysis and training. Founded by academicians with a background in high-ranking government and diplomatic posts, MK91 is committed to independent multidisciplinary research, aiming at identifying opportunities for change in the Macedonian society, as well as promoting policies to further its overall development, regional and international cooperation.

Dedicated to strengthen the potential of the future generations, MK91 provides education for young leaders through lectures, seminars and workshops. Seeking to translate policy into action, we are encouraging public debate and dialogue related to the most important challenges, engaging the academia, political institutions, business community, civil society, as well as other decision-makers on local, national and international level. Through its public events and opinion papers, MK91 is providing a platform for debate on current topics, encouraging participation in public life from all structures of the society.

Areas of study covered by our experts include: political and economic analyses, rule of law and human rights, international relations, migration and refugees, regional cooperation, security and defense, demographic policy, education reforms, public opinion research, freedom of media, environmental issues.